What to Wear While Making a Presentation

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For most people working in the corporate sector, making and giving presentations is an important aspect of their work profile. While most spend hours researching, compiling and rehearsing for the big day, many forget the importance of dressing appropriately for the same. All eyes are on you while you stand in front of that podium trying to convince your team members or clients, and your body language comes across with how comfortable you are in what you are wearing. As confident as you are about the content of the presentation, a little effort into your own presentation will help your confidence and make sure you ace it.

Here are some rules to keep in mind while selecting your outfit –

Movement is the key – As a speaker, you will move around the stage area turning back and forth from the projector screen. Ensure that your outfit is not too fitted in turn restricting movement. This does not translate to “ill-fitted”. Your suit can be the perfect fit but not too tight so you can’t lift your arms while making hand gestures.

Add your Style – Make sure you have an element of style that is unique to you. People will remember you by what is different in you. If you are in the creative field, you can add color to your outfit. For men, a bright pocket square, slim printed tie or a lapel pin can add a quirk to the outfit. For women, a statement neckpiece, a solid watch or even attractive earrings can do the trick. Keep it subtle yet impactful.

A Notch Above the Rest – You are the person in control, so it is okay to dress up a bit more than your colleagues. Do not go overboard, but pick something that will make you look upmarket, smart and confident. If you are under dressed, people may not take notice of you.

Keep it Clean – Once you begin your presentation, only your work should be your focus. Therefore, your outfit plays the role of making the first impression but not a distraction from your work. Don’t play too much with color, don’t over accessorize and keep your make up clean and basic.

Hair, not everywhere – The most annoying thing is when a presenter constantly fidgets or adjusts their hair. Also, it keeps coming in front of the presenting screen. Eye contact is extremely important; ensure your hair is not in front of your eyes. Tie it is a smart bun or in a neat low ponytail. Pin your hand properly so strands don’t stick out making you look unkempt or unprofessional. Use a hair product to ensure your hair stays in place throughout your presentation.

Best Foot Forward – Wear your most comfortable footwear. Don’t venture into a new pair for your presentation as it may bite the first time and put you in discomfort. Make sure your footwear is clean and polished. Don’t wear heels that are too high and will make you wobbly, in turn making you look nervous. Kitten heels or wedges would work perfectly.

Think of the Client – If you are presenting to an external client, do a bit of research about their brand and dress appropriately. If it is a formal corporate, then ensure your outfit matches the same. You may be presenting to a client that has a brand which is youthful, add a quirky element to your outfit that brings out the colorful side of your personality and gives you an instant connect with them.

Standing in front of people can be quite a task but if you’re confident of your presentation,  there is nothing to worry about. Remember to match an outfit that supports your presentation, leave you comfortable, confident and classy!

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