Tips to look smart at work when you are not a suit person

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It is essential for one to always follow a dressing etiquette at work. For women, suits are considered as an integral part of dressing when at work. A suit is a representation of enigma, grandeur and smart look.

Wearing a similar set of suits every day can become monotonous and boring. Thus, there are a few alternatives which can make you look both professional and stylish at work where most of the people follow a similar style. When you feel reluctant to wear the same set of styling each day you leave for work, try wearing something which blends the core elements of a suit and makes you look blended with the conservation at work. 

1. Collar 

Since this is an indispensable part of a formal wear, try finding shirts with a collar or higher neckline which gives your entire personality, a formal appearance. For example, try wearing a cardigan and team it with a scarf. 

2. Structure 

The fabric of your clothing defines a lot about your overall persona. For example, a slightly heavy weighted fabric over light-weighted ones gives a more authoritative feel and convey dominance. Try using a set-in sleeve than a raglan sleeve as it gives a more formal appearance. 

3. Sleeves 

Men at work are accustomed to wearing ties and suits, thus women at work need to pay attention to their sleeves and make sure that they are long enough to cover their arms. One must always make sure to use garments that have built-in sleeves. 

4. Neutral Colors 

Colors play an important role at work. It defines a lot of what your mind carries at work and how your being is at your workplace. One must always make sure to stay away from bright colors at work, as they are evidently perceived more towards the ‘fun’ side of us than the ‘work’ side. Preferably, neutral colors make one look more decent, dedicated, organized and formal. One additional tip would be to stick to solid colors as they make one appear more business-like.

5. Classic Style 

Do not try to match your entire appearance with a similar colored suit. One can try out jackets and pants or skirts, that can amalgamate to create an entire look but aren’t a part of a formal suit. When you team your shirt with a skirt, always make sure to end your hemline at the knee or more, giving you a justified appeal. This will ensure your entire ensemble conveys a more relaxed and personal style along with looking conservative. 

The most essential part of a formal dressing is that your dressing items must be properly pressed and as wrinkle-free as possible. Additional tips to complete the look would be to pair your dressing with smart oxfords.

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