Style Statement with a Saree!

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The quintessential Indian outfit for an Indian woman is an exquisite Saree. In nine yards of fabric, a woman can express her style statement. For many, a Saree is their staple piece of clothing, an everyday wear, while for others it is specific for an event of an occasion. The West finds the Saree intriguing and for us it showcases our heritage, our culture and our history.

Sarees come in a variety of fabrics, from silks to chiffons, georgette to chanderi, and many more. The traditional drape of a Saree remains timeless though the modern form has given it a whole new meaning. Here are some ways to make an interesting statement with a Saree.

1. Fun with Fabrics – Make sure that the material of the Saree suits the weather. Eventually it is a heavy outfit and comfort is important. Also, the color and print must suit the time of the day. Stick to pastels for the day and you can play with deeper shades at night.

2. Drape – From the classic pleated Saree to the Lavani or the Nauvari Saree, these drapes fit any occasion. In today’s times, dhoti Sarees also does the trick and gives the outfit an interesting twist. The current trend also allows you to replace the Peticoat with tights/ legging for a more fitted look. You can play with the pallo either neatly pinned, left loose, brought to the front and rolled around the neck like a stole. 

3. Layering – Add a cape over the top and you are ready to make a statement. Jackets also make the outfit dressy. Long sherwanis are also a modern outlook to a traditional Saree. In the winters, a shawl also adds glamour and class to a Saree.

4. Bling it With a Blouse – From full, 3/4th, half sleeves or sleeveless, you can change the look of the Saree with your choice of blouse. You can match colors, go in for a complete contract, break the monotony with brocade or play with net or sheer, the choices are plenty. Off shoulder and boat neck blouses are also in this season.

5. Accessories – Bring out your jewellery that has become a symbol of your family lineage. From statement neck pieces to jhumkas, bangles and kadas to maang tikas, Indian accessories help complete the look for a Saree. Be careful on the type of jewelry based on the occasion and time of the day. Keep it chic and let one piece make the statement.

6. Feet in Comfort – It is important to keep your footwear comfortable. Sarees can be difficult to walk in, ensure the hold on your ankle is good. Wedge heels or block heels work well. Stilettoes can be a risky choice, if you are confident and can walk in style, go ahead with it. Due to the drape and length of the Saree, flats do not work so some type of heels are a must for it to fall well.

For every Indian woman, a Saree holds a special place and there are memories attached to each Saree that they wear. While comfort is first, you can still make it special and stylish. 

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