Starters Guide to Grooming

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Most people genuinely want to look presentable but find it hard where to begin. The process of grooming may seem overwhelming and at times even complex, but what people forget is that grooming starts at a very basic level. So, in this blog, I’ll be giving you a heads up to a starters guide towards personal grooming that will kick-start your journey towards feeling good about yourselves!

Brush and Floss – This is something that is drilled into our daily ritual from childhood. But do we ignore its importance in our fight against time? Remember a bad breath is the biggest turn off. Remember to brush your teeth twice a day and floss. When you flash those whiteys with a pleasant smile, you’re already on your way to winning hearts.

Smell Good – A regular shower is a must. Use good quality shower gels. Also, ensure you use a perfume/ deodorant/cologne that you resonate with. Try different fragrances till you find something you feel a connect with. Also, remember an overdose of cologne is also a no-no. Use in moderation but remember to check for no odor before you meet someone.

Clip Your Nails – Unless you have well – manicured nails, it’s better to keep them clipped and neat. Even for men, clean nails show positive personal hygiene. 

Hair Care – Find what type your hair is – dry/ oily/ combination. Find good quality products to ensure you nourish your hair. If you use hair product regularly remember to take care of it. Keep your hair neat in a professional set up. Ensure it doesn’t look greasy or dirty.

Work Out – It is very essential to stay healthy. Any form of physical activity must find its way into your schedule. Whether at a gym, run in the park, dance class, yoga or whatever suits you, you must ensure you find time to exercise.

Make an Effort – Don’t be lazy when you step out. Invest a few minutes to look good. This doesn’t mean you over dress. Dress according to the occasion but let your appearance reflect your personality. If you look good, you will feel great!

Etiquettes and Manners – How you behave with people will show the world who you are. This doesn’t mean only with people that matter to you. You need to be a seamlessly kind person and show compassion to everyone who crosses your path. Whether it is children, family, colleagues, people you exchange pleasantries with on the road, just everyone. 

Knowledge – This is the key to a great personality. Be well informed about current news around you. Make reading a habit. Be well versed in your profession so, in a discussion, you have something fresh to bring to the table. Being knowledgeable will give you the confidence that you need. 

It is not all that difficult, but the process of grooming starts with the basics. Once you have them in place, you can take bigger leaps that will help your personality shine.

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