Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

Over 15 years in corporate and media communications.
Communicating is probably the most important part of your job. Do it well, and your career takes off, your peers respect you, and day –to- day interaction gets easier. Many of us spend 75 percent of our waking hours communicating our knowledge, thoughts and ideas to others. However, most of us fail to realise that a great deal of our communication is also non-verbal and our messages are sent on two levels simultaneously.
Striking the fine balance between speaking & listening and being aware that it is not just what you say, but also how you say helps build rapport. It makes it easier for you to articulate your thoughts to achieve the desired results.

How does it work?

Your consultant will guide you through the essential elements of communication such as being concrete, concise, courteous, clear and correct. You will also learn the various barriers of communication, the power of modulated voice, handling difficult conversations, assertive communication and presentation skills. In addition, you will learn the static and dynamic features that convey a degree of formality and relaxation in the communication exchange.

How to know if this is for me?

It is essential for every working individual to opt for this, especially people at mid and senior management positions, team leader’s, business owners , socialites and people who head diplomatic and business delegations.