Trousseau Shopping for the Bride

Over 15 years in corporate and media communications.
You often admire a certain celebrity or a polished co-worker, their choice of outfit, accessories, footwear and makeup. You wonder from where you can get something like that while secretly contemplating if you can pull it off yourself. So, you walk through swanky malls hoping to find “it” but end up being confused and disappointed. And, you settle for something that you feel is safe to wear or alternatively, take a huge risk by aping people you admire. Either ways, it is sheer frustration as it may not be the perfect match for your personal style.

How does it work?

Your consultant can assist you to evaluate, organize and enhance your existing wardrobe through her shopping expertise. Based on her vast knowledge of colors, fabrics, silhouettes and brands in vogue she helps you create a wardrobe that is adequate for handling your diverse roles in day to day life. During her engagement as a personal shopper, she also equips you with tools and techniques to make the right choices on your own in future rather than blindly following the fashion diktat.

How to know if this is for me?

If you want to redefine your personal and professional signature style or you want to learn how to arrive at the right mix of fashion and style with in your spending plan or you don’t have the time, energy and expertise to shop or you go on shopping expeditions very frequently and even after spending a fortune, you may not find something that is right for you, then you need to book your appointment today with a professional shopper.

Shopping assistance complements our image management service.