Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Over 15 years in corporate and media communications.
People born with the natural talent of a confident wordsmith are often the best orators in the world however, there are some who become an orator after hardships which life puts them through and then there are people who want to master the skill by learning it. To be the best version of yourself, be the best student. There are several things to consider whilst opting for a public speaking or presentation skills training, like, what are the trainers credentials? there is a difference between teaching to be a good speaker and being a good speaker.
Whilst holding the mic in one hand, what to do with the other hand? What if there are no mics but a wireless mic attached to the sleeve. Should you keep walking or stand at a position? When should you click to the next slide? How to handle interruptions? In rare situation, handling a mic failure! There are several events which might take place where preparation is the only key.
Public speaking is more of a balance than of an inter-personal skill. Right way of presentation is more of an impact than of the content. This is a unidirectional information exchange where the message to convey has to reach the right way.

How does it work?

Your consultant will need to know where you are going to present the topic. From open air stage to TED, every type of dais has a different method of domination. She will guide you on managing your image, from your body language to your movements. The idea is to enhance your personality on stage.

What to expect?

You will learn to calm your nerves, you will be able to breathe and maintain momentum of the speech, you will be able to put the message across effectively. You will learn stage etiquette and know more about handling the masses. From breathing to movement around the stage, everything will be assessed and corrected to suit your personality. Overall, this lifetime skill will give you a surge of self confidence.

How to know if this is for me?

You are an individual who has a zeal in life to address the masses and be known for what you convey. Ideal for businessmen, corporate employees, aspiring orators, journalists, politicians and trainers.

Along with confidence, you also need good styling, combining our image management program with public speaking and presentation skills is highly recommended.