Media Coaching

Over 15 years in corporate and media communications.
Your business may have undergone exponential growth. And, this growth would bring along with it added responsibility towards different stakeholders such as employees, customers, regulators and shareholders. Being a reputed brand, you are expected to be transparent in all your dealings. This is bound to bring you under the scanner of the media, both print and broadcast in the interest of public.
Now, you may be excellent in public speaking but facing the camera and speaking to the media requires different skills. For most of the people, it could be intimidating or unnerving to respond to the unknown questions posed by the media. This could also lead to harming your company’s reputation beyond repair.

How does it work?

Your consultant prepares you on techniques which will portray you as a calm and confident individual even while you are being grilled by a difficult host. No matter how complicated the subject is, you learn the art of delivering your message in a focused way to position yourself and your business in a powerful way.

How to know if this is for me?

If you are the spokesperson of your company who may need to communicate with the media or if you own a business or are a PR official, this training will arm you with the essentials required to effectively engage with the media. In this digital world, YouTubers can also opt for it as they also need to look presentable in front of the camera. 

Media coaching complements our image consultation services.