Job interview preparation

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Many professionals from a technical or financial background, after gaining several years’ of experience, aspire to leadership and management roles. But inspite of having domain knowledge and experience, they find it difficult to get such a job. A question often asked is, “Aren’t technical skills enough to lead a team? Doesn’t domain knowledge automatically make a good manager?”
Not really. Leadership demands a skill set that includes the ability to lead, mentor and guide large teams and not just domain expertise. This is a distinct move-up from the stand-alone role that the candidate used to perform earlier. The candidate might even need to recall and bring forth hitherto-hidden leadership traits that may have surfaced in his/ her college days while organising the college fest.
Also, a candidate may be brilliant in his/ her own field but often struggles to articulate his/ her achievements and dreams well. The ability to articulate and express one’s strengths, achievements and dreams is thus another lacuna often found in interviewees. This needs coaching and practice at the hands of an expert consultant.

Interview preparation classes

There are courses in Navi Mumbai that train you for Job Interviews. They prepare you with frequently-asked questions, do a mix of role play and mock interviews and rank the candidate across a set of parameters that interviewers look out for. They teach you how to articulate your achievements and express your leadership traits confidently.
Some of the common mistakes that candidates make, when interviewing for a senior position are:
Choosing the right institute for job interview preparation training is a wise decision and can greatly benefit your career.