Image Management

Over 15 years in corporate and media communications.
Gone are those days when ‘Image Management’ was only for celebrities, models and top players. In this new era, to be successful, your most important job is to develop an ‘image’ for yourself in a way that people think of you when they think of your field.
Many thought leaders, business consultants, industry experts and influencers who have chosen to build a particular ‘image’ are aware that it cannot be build in a day, you have to put in consistent effort and have a strategy based on how you wish to position yourself.
Whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to garner media attention, deliver keynotes at top conferences or you work at a Fortune 100 firm who wants to earn a favorable reputation with your colleagues and in the professional network, or you want to outshine among many job seekers and get hired, chances are someone is going to google you or do a reference check to learn more about who you are. At Style Sculpt, a ‘Personal Image Consultant’ understands your goals and what you want to be known for. Accordingly, a detailed road map is prepared which brings greater visibility and reputation.

How does it work?

An ‘Image management Coach from Mumbai’ packages you appropriately to achieve your goals in personal, professional and social life. This is done by making the best use of different elements that form your image – clothing, grooming, communication and people skills, right body language, business and social etiquette. The objective is to build a style that reflects who you are and what you represent without having to speak.

How to know if this is for me?

Image consultation is only for those who have the zeal for success in life. You could be an entrepreneur, an industry veteran, a budding socialite, a working professional or a homemaker who is looking to enhance your self- presentation, then this is the right service for you. All consultations are private and at the client’s choice of location.
Hire the top ‘Image Consultant from Mumbai’ and put your best foot forward.