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Effective communication is the key to stronger, healthier and longer lasting relationships. Whether in your personal or professional life, it is essential to find a right balance between what you say and what you would like to say. From your body language to your choice of words and the ability to listen, everything makes a lasting impression and this forms the basis of how people perceive you.

Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you communicate better –

Think Before Speaking – From the content of your communication to the choice of words, this can determine whether your communication comes across as gentle and encouraging or curt/ rude. Go over what you want to say in your mind first, analyze if it will have a positive impact or whether it is important to speak at all. This will make it easier for people to understand you and make you more approachable.

Be Clear and Brief – The more certain you are of what you want to say, the lesser the words you will choose to communicate it. When your thoughts and ideas are vague, this is when you will go around in circles and speak excessively. Be clear on what you want to communicate and keep it short and precise.

Repetition and Discussion – Emphasis on what your core point is, is impactful. If you are giving a talk, repeat your core idea till it rings in the listeners’ minds and that is what they take back with themselves. Encourage questions; ask questions, discussions always help people share their thoughts which will empower you further.

Be a Good Listener – Communication is a two way process. As much as it involves you talking, the listening part is equally important. Don’t just hear, genuinely listen and participate in what others have to say. Don’t hold an ego where you feel only what you say is correct, evaluate the points of view of others as well. The more you listen, the more people will trust you.

Body Language – Don’t close yourself in or extend a superiority vibe. Make eye contact, don’t fold your arms, and remember to smile. Your body language is your strongest, non – verbal form of communication.

Type of Communication – When you meet someone in person, it is easier to form the basis of your communication. Based on your body language, tone and physical presence, you can communicate exactly how you wish to. But at present, most of our communication is via Emails and SMSes. This is where you need to be extra careful on your choice of words, sentence formation, choice of abbreviations and overall tone.

Different Communication Between Different People – We often get so taken in by our corporate life that our personal communication also finds a formal tone. Remember as humans, we need to switch our basis of communication. This is based on different relationships – professional, with parents, with children, with our peers, friends and with new people we meet. You need to find multiple ways of communicating differently with different types of people to be able to effectively connect with them.

So remember, communication is the key to successful personal and professional relationships.

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