How to Conduct Yourself at an Office Party

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The festive season is round the corner, invites will start coming in to you for corporate parties. While you maintain a certain code of conduct with your behavior at your work place, it is equally important to maintain the same during an office party without seeming too uptight. The key word at a work based party is – Balance! Though this is the perfect setting to let yourself connect with your colleagues, you must remember you will see them the next day at work so you don’t want to do anything embarrassing or out of line.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind when you’re going for a work party or celebration –

Carefully Choose your Outfit – Even though it is a “party”, you must still dress sober. Don’t pick anything that is too over the top, too revealing or too short. A nice semi-formal knee length dress or pants with a bright blouse would be just right. You can play it up with statement jewellery and nice pair of heels to give yourself a casual vibe yet stay within the boundaries of a work party.

Pre – eat before You Step Out – Don’t go for such an event on an empty stomach. First, if you drink alcohol, you will get drunk faster than you know it or / and start feeling sick. Also, you don’t want to begin gorging on all snacks available as soon as you get there. You will feel more comfortable and at ease if you have eaten a bit before reaching the party.

RSVP – It is basic courtesy to inform the host whether or not you’re going to make it for the party. Being a corporate party, it is advisable not to skip it. This is your one chance to bring out your lighter side and make a connection with everyone across the hierarchy.

Keep a Track of Time – It is eventually a formal event even though it is a party. You must not reach too late and make a guest appearance. Also, don’t hang around till the end. Find the right cue to leave when you know your peers are leaving too.

Pleasantries – Play the game right. Mingle with different people. This is your chance to speak to people and make an impression. The image you create here will help you build a stronger work relation as well. Also, before you leave, don’t forget to say goodbye to everyone.

Check What You Say – Stay away from work gossip. What you may say at the party under the influence of alcohol may not go very well with people. Keep your conversation light and general. Stay away from topics that may hurt someone’s sentiments – don’t talk about religion or anything with a sexual undertone.  Be pleasant.

You Can’t Skip Work – Remember it is a work party. So don’t get so drunk or stay so late that you can’t wake up for work the next morning. This will be considered very unprofessional as the other colleagues will definitely be making it for work next day!

Work parties are a great way to bond with your colleagues in an environment that is stress free. It is great to have a team that you get along with and can let your hair down with. But remember, everything with certain restraint and control is good. Eventually, you know them professionally and you must maintain those boundaries, whether in office or at a party.

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