How can an Image Consultant Transform You?

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Who is an Image Consultant?

An image Consultant is one who is qualified to advise people on how to construct a solid visual and personal brand. The consultant combines several elements like appearance, behavior, communication, and the digital impression for a complete make-over through a customized plan.

Many consultants also organize workshops and seminars for practical learning focusing to enhance the executive presence of the global Indian helping him/her excel in life.

Myths about Image Consulting

Only celebrities, the rich and popular hire Image Consultants

Just the way, we all need a doctor at some point of time, similarly, whether it is a CEO or a junior employee, global organizations to small enterprise, individuals living in metros to small towns and cities, the elite to those from the lower strata, from home-makers to career people, everyone at some point needs an image consultant to help them grow and meet their goals.

This is also the explanation for the more than Rs.600 crores per annum market size of Image Consulting in India. The seriously intriguing perspective is that this market is developing dramatically.

If the VIPs, the rich, and the renowned were the only individuals to hire Image Consultants, the market would not be a quarter this size, nor would it show the sort of enormous development it has been making. Indeed, Image Consulting is required by all wherein there is a change in the role eventually leading to change in goals.

Image Consulting is all about dressing and hiring a professional to make you look good

Undoubtedly, Image consultants understand a lot more about clothes than a fashion designer would and the impact it creates in meeting the goals of their customers in their everyday life. However, clothing is only one component inside the space of Image Management.

It goes inseparably with different components to deliver a finished product that is well-groomed with a presentable personality, who knows how to exhibit essential career skills that helps you lead large teams, build a relationship, and positive image. 

Why do people hiring Image Consultants?

In 1960’s corporate India had two sets of professionals. One was those who had learned the finer nuances of corporate and social etiquettes by studying at a prestigious convent or public schools, city colleges, and being members of colonial clubs.

The second set of professionals were those who got polished and refined by joining the Indian armed forces and interacting with families that frequented ‘service clubs. These clubs were not within the reach of the younger population who was aspirational and wanted to grow in the corporate world.

We also know, our education system has always been textbook-based and percentage-driven with negligible focus on personality grooming and social skills development. Especially, after the liberalization reforms were introduced in 1990’s, the economy had opened and we started doing business with associates from different countries, we could not have left our first impression to chance.

We had to quickly adapt to the changing dynamics at the workplace. As they say, it is survival of the fittest. To stand out in a competitive environment and make a mark for oneself, to work amicably with people of different racial, gender, and cultural diversities, it became a necessity for Indian executives to project themselves in the most professional way. They started focusing on their appearance, behavior, and communication.

Most people would take care of their clothing, grooming, and their soft skills by themselves. However, doing it with little knowledge made them feel incomplete especially while dealing with someone else who was doing it perfectly.

These development gaps encouraged a lot of people to opt for expert advice that is just meant for them. Over time, this need has been felt by everyone at different stages of their professional and personal life increasing the demand for Image Consultants phenomenally.

How do Image Consultants Help in developing your Business Communication?

They help you understand the fine art of communicating in business with your employees, peers, seniors, and juniors, how to make effective use of multiple communication tools in times of crisis, or to build rapport. Whether it is writing emails, delivering motivational speeches, or addressing townhalls, you learn all of this to flourish in the corporate environment.

One also acquires knowledge of how to conduct business conversations that influence decision-making and deliver presentations critical for success. Furthermore, people learn how to be assertive, how to question, to disagree, and how to respond to aggression and display strong body language.

How do Image Consultants help you dress for success?

Everybody appreciates a neatly packed gift. So, in business too packaging matters. Clothes cover our body and certainly, they create an impression. Image Consultants help you dress up in a way that you not only represent your profession but also seniority and authority.

Based on your industry, the style you to look competent, trustworthy, approachable, contemporary, and distinctive through different dress codes.

How do Image Consultants help in Personal Grooming?

There are several reasons such as effective time management, focus on the company’s objective, great work ethic, and dedication that keep successful people ahead of the competition. When you hold an in-depth conversation with them, they’ll uncover quite possibly the most essential tip – careful personal grooming.

While you sell your skills at the workplace, you also sell a complete package -your personality. Going to the office with impeccable clothes and perfect grooming adds to the package. Whether it is your hairstyle or understanding how to get rid of body odors, the right perfume for workplace and evening parties, or attention to hygiene by having a well-manicured look, an image consultant guides you on several things.

How can Image Consultants help you Upgrade your Dining, Entertaining and Networking Skills?

From ancient times, relationships have been built and nurtured over meals. Earlier people gathered and ate with their hands from large communal trays. Later, the Britishers introduced individual plates, the French presented the three-course meal, the Italian and the Spaniards started used forks.

Gradually, it became an integral part of doing business as most of the business deals across the globe are closed over meals. Thus, dining and entertaining become necessary skills for global executives. Companies understood showing the right etiquette in socio-business settings can reinforce customer relationships, build credibility for the company and increase sales.

In India, schools and colleges focus on developing and sharpening intellectual and technical skills. And, when people start working, they understand their socio-business skills are weak because there is no management degree that teaches dining and entertaining.

Image Consultants equip the workforce with the correct tools that help them conduct aptly during socio-business settings. You learn Host and guest etiquette, entertaining your boss, the significance of different business meals, table settings, the different courses of a meal, eating tricky food, handling alcohol and spirits, tipping, and how to manage the food and beverages with confidence while concentrating on the business at hand and advancing your career. These great social graces are straightforward expertise that can be effectively mastered, immediately applied, and polished as you go up the corporate ladder.

In case you’re keen to recalibrate or uplevel your image, welcome each day and opportunity with certainty and confidence, impressing everyone who crosses your path, get in-depth hands-on support designed especially for you to take your career and life to the next level.

Jaspreet Kaur is an International Protocol Consultant, Etiquette Coach, and Image Consultant with over two decades of experience in this profession. She is an internationally certified trainer who works with corporates and high-achieving individuals who are keen on building a personal brand, executive presence, and doing meaningful work.

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