What do your shoes say about you ?

In one look, you can get amazing information about a person by the way they are dressed, by certain aspects of their body language, facial expression and even hairdos. But have you ever thought that people derive cues about your personality from the shoes you wear.

Imagine for a moment that you can't see the person, you can only see the shoes he is wearing. What do you think you will be able to draw from that ? If you find the shoes clean and shining, you will believe the person has gone to a good school, belongs to a good family, is organised and cares about his appearance. He knows how to show himself some self-respect and chances are high that he will show others the same . Now at the same time if you see scuffed, unclean and worn out shoes in need of repair, you will believe a person is careless, messy, has no eye for beautiful things and perfection in life.

In spite of this, a large population believes that shoes are not as important because they are below the usual gaze. This is quite mistaken. Shoes are an expression of your personality and a choice of life you make. They also reflect your economic status and prestige. While your pointed shoes reflect your artistic taste and strong personality , flashy and bright shoes show you are an extrovert, your ankle boots show that you have an aggressive personality and wearing flip flops more often could mean you are a liberal thinker.

Remember, a man is judged by his shoes !!!