Make a statement at work with your Saree

In modern India, women are entering the workforce in large numbers. While they are motivated, aspirational and highly competitive, unfortunately, their appearance and professional image is ranked of higher importance as compared to men.

My aim as an image consultant is to raise awareness of the need to understand the language of clothes that not only enhance your looks but also speak volumes about your authority, credibility and competence.

Indian women are fortunate to have multiple work wear options – the graceful saree, simple but significant salwar kameez and the contemporary business suits. While the younger generation may find draping sarees a little difficult, the senior women professionals find it a perfect attire that can never go out of fashion. Again, a young working woman may opt for a wester outfit in the early stages of her career, but as they climb the ladder of success most of them prefer the six yards of sheer elegance. In fact, many women CEO’s in the banking sector are the brand ambassadors of our national dress internationally. They believe saree is the most versatile garment that can be worn right from board meetings to cocktail parties or on a regular working day to a meeting with an international client. And, if it is the right kind of saree, you are set to make a great impression.

No doubt, in summers, a crisp cotton saree could fetch plenty of compliments, but at the same time the fabric requires more maintenance. Crepe and georgettes are another good option as they don’t wrinkle easily. Lastly, silk which was developed several millennia ago is still the front runner for work wear. While you select the right fabric, ensure the saree is not see-through or exceptionally bright in colour. Team it up with a simple blouse design which covers your body well: closed or high collar neck, high back and half sleeves rather than the transparent net and lacy ones. Accessories it with either western or Indian jewellery if your saree is subdued.