Looking like a Princess on your wedding day

The date is fixed and the countdown is on for the most unforgettable event of your life. On this day which is most special, you want to be a picture perfect bride since all eyes are going to be on you. And, to feel your absolute best among relatives and friends, the beauty preparation must begin months in advance.

Let us accept the fact that clothes look good on well framed shoulders, a slim waistline with an upright posture. Therefore, to have a wedding- ready body, a healthy balanced diet and a fitness plan is essential to tone your body. Along with this, a smart skin care routine followed much in advance will give you a glowing skin on your wedding. This could include timely facials, using skin specific moisturizer, having lots of water, sleeping enough especially closer to your wedding to avoid puffy eyes.

Now comes the wedding outfit, which is the hottest topic of discussion. Do consider your body shape, complexion, design, season, fabric and the latest trend while you choose one for yourself. Ensure the shape of the outfit should flatter your body type and be comfortable when you walk, sit and bend. If you are bottom-heavy, choose simple and straight cuts and and if you are fortunate to have the hour-glass shape, select any dress keeping in mind your height and skin tone. If you have a lean frame, select a dress made of tissue to give you a fuller look and if you are heavy on all sides, avoid pleats or flares, bold prints, heavy accessories and opt for a single coloured outfit. Also, identify your skin tone and choose a wedding dress colour that suits your complexion. If you are fair, stick to dark and rich colours wheas if you have a brown undertone, wear warm colours like shades of orange, gold and brown. And, if you have a dark undertone, wear pale colours such as shades of yellow and blue.

After you have finalised on your wedding dress, pick the design of the neckline which best suits your face shape and bust line. Now get your jewellery designed accordingly to draw the right attention.

Since you are most-photographed on your wedding day and these photos are going to be on display for many years, avoid the common makeup mishaps like skipping body makeup or not waterproofing your makeup. Do not experiment something new or get caught in beauty trends, just pick up products that will keep you cool no matter how much the temperature rises.

Remember it is an art to assemble that perfect wedding look which makes you feel like a princesses. Do not settle unless you look like one.