Learn to eat, drink in style

Do you know why an individual should master in ‘the art of fine-dining’

Conducting business over meals is a great way to build business relationships. However, many of us feel out of place when we are surrounded by seventeen pieces of fine tableware. We wonder how to use all those shiny forks or order a French dish without messing up the pronunciation. We pretend to read the wine list(but in reality only scan the price list), and are worried if we have used our neighbours bread plate.

The fact is that in today’s time, most of the business deals across the globe are concluded over lunch and dinner, yet there are no management courses available on this subject. And, corporate as well as business owners have started realising that while technical skills are important, the relevance of socio-business skills, especially business entertaining cannot be ignored if we have to project ourselves confidently.

Today it is imperative to know the etiquette rules while we flit from a cocktail party to a 7-course sit-down meal. These are simple skills where we not only learn the right kind of dressing for each dining occasion but also learn the art of managing the food and the beverages along with being focused on business conversation. Further, we learn the responsibilities of being a guest or host, the seating arrangement, pairing wine with food, asking for a cheese board, using the cutlery course by course and how to eat and drink in different countries.

I believe that with a little help, the fear that we will unknowingly commit some fine-dining crime will vanish and we will truly savour any dining experience. Me and my team are ready to help an individual understand proper protocol of business and social meals.