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Define and Refine your Personality with Personal Image Consultant

How we conduct ourselves in our professional and personal life, our thoughts, feelings, and how we interact in relationships form our personality.

Parenting, genetic make-up, and environmental factors can have an adverse effect and lead to personality disorders in any individual. These people develop periods of intense anxiety, anger, low self-confidence, and fear of public speaking. They knowingly or unknowingly look for a job that involves limited interaction at work. Also, they have difficulty forming personal relationships, experience mood swings, go on a spending spree, become excessively emotional, experience hurt and rejection easily. In this competitive world with endless opportunities, these personality disorders can affect job performance, and one’s ability to work in a team or take leadership roles.

Our endeavour is to assist you in what it takes to succeed in business and life by bringing total transformation.

Personalized Coaching

A holistic approach is taken to facilitate transition whether it means honing your leadership skills, increasing your influence over key stakeholders, preparing you for the next chapter of your career, or being assertive in your communication.

Virtual Consulting Sessions

You can break the distance barrier through our online ‘Image Makeover Sessions’ and learn how to outclass the competition.

How we can help

We meet once every week over a period of 3-4 months to focus on achieving your desired goals and bringing in sustainable change.


Our Services

Style Sculpt Image Consultants gives you training in Business Etiquette, Public Speaking Skills, Dining Etiquette, Protocol Training and Job interview preparation training.

International Diplomatic and Business Protocol

A comprehensive training program designed to sharpen your professional, social, business and diplomatic skills.

Image Management

Learn what it takes to grow with a partner who works alongside in your goals and vision.

Business and Social Etiquette

Learn the set of unwritten rules that apply to your workplace, social situations and relationships.

Media Coaching

If you want to get more media coverage for your business or company, learn how to get your message across clearly, briefly and with impact.

Dining Etiquette

Learn the golden rules to eat correctly, subtle behaviors and adhering to the culture of the host.

Cross - Culture Communication

Learn the new communication strategy to manage diversity and thrive modern workplace with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Hire the top Image consultant in Mumbai and put your best foot forward.


What Our Clients Say...

Style Sculpt Image Consultants gives you training in Business Etiquette, Public Speaking Skills, Dining Etiquette, Protocol Training and Job interview preparation training.

Until I met Jaspreet, I was not aware of the fact that " it is the little details that are vital and that little things make big things happen." My one-to-one engagements made me reflect on the fact that professional image consulting is worth every rupee as an investment in yourself. Jaspreet has indeed got a deep transformation in me by sharing insight into various aspects of my lifestyle and my personality. I hold "Jaspreet" in very esteem for successfully indentifying and guiding me on the areas of improvement in such a professional manner without causing any sort of discomfort. I hope she touched the lives of many more people as this will make the world a better place to live in

Mohanjit Singh

My heartfelt thanks to haute couturier Anees Deen for introducing me to Madam Jaspreet Kaur who is an International Protocol Consultant, Etiquette coach and an Image Management Consultant par excellence. I am learning Image management under her able guidance which has given immense confidence to face my challenges as an aspiring model and my passion to fly as a cabin crew. My parents are also very happy with the progress I have made. I highly recommend her as a grooming expert with a glorious experience in corporate world.

Amrita Ganesh

Dear Jaspreet, A thousand thank you for your guidance. A huge change has been brought in me by YOU. I always believed that a women should be classy and fabulous. You taught me how to be both. Your lessons are still working on me everyday. You are a fairy who makes all of us Cindrellas look spectacular whether its wearing designer or just plain jeans. The new instilled confidence in me by you goes beyond words. Keep changing and inspiring the lives of many.

Nalini C, Mumbai